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Live sustainably x
Creating sustainable habits doesn't have to be complicated. Choose one or two easy swaps to start with and keep building on that. Every little bit counts, together we can turn these ripples of change into waves and help protect our planet.
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Why Choose a ZONE Yoga Mat
ZONE Yoga mats are created to be good for you and good for the planet. Every aspect of these sustainable mats were designed with thoughtful consideration, which is why there are so many reasons to choose a ZONE Cork Yoga Mat. 
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How is Cork Antibacterial?

The science behind corks antibacterial properties definitely stacks up and shows that cork can be used as a safe and sustainable alternative to other Yoga mat materials (although we still encourage regular cleaning of your Yoga mat to keep it clean and fresh.)

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Bree Walker  - Australian Bobsleigh pilot
No world class, winning performance happens just from luck. There’s always purposeful thinking, planning and practice that goes into it. I hope that by sharing what it takes for me to get ‘In The Zone’ encourages you to think about what it takes for you to get ‘In The Zone’ so you can execute on the highest level.
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Yogic Energy Channels✨ | ZONE
In Yoga we move Prana (energy, lifeforce) through our body along energetic channels known as Nadis. We can use different poses, pranayamas and meditations to help balance the different states of energy.
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How to Use Yoga Blocks to Transform Your Practice | ZONE

It’s true, using yoga blocks can transform and improve your yoga practice.

There are many foundational yoga poses that weren't designed for modern day bodies that spend long days sitting at a desk. It can take many years just for some people to reach their toes! So by adding blocks, we bring the earth closer and lengthen our limbs, so that the full benefit of yoga can be experienced.

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Cultivating a practice of gratitude | ZONE
As you take time out to sit and think about things that you are grateful for, you bring yourself into the ‘Now’. It allows you to practice mindfulness through focusing on the present moment instead of what is to come or how you desire things to be.
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Plant-Based BBQ Ideas | ZONE
Vegan diets are on the rise in Australia, with many people choosing to cut out animal products for sustainability, ethical or health reasons. However, this doesn't mean having to forgo the quintessential Australian event - A summer BBQ. 
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Benefits of Sleep & Sleep Routines | ZONE

Sleep. It seems so simple but it eludes so many of us. Insomnia, sleep apnoea, anxiety and restlessness are becoming all too common as the world struggles to close their eyes and get enough deep rest. Although there are many restorative yoga practices to help bridge this gap, ultimately our body does need sleep to function at its optimal level. 

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