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Cycle-of-Life-Yoga-Mat-by-Lara-Zilibowitz-The-Collaboration ZONE
We’re excited to share something truly special with you—the limited edition "Cycle of Life" yoga mat, designed in collaboration with yoga teacher and art therapist Lara Zilibowitz. This beautiful, unique yoga mat combines sacred earth materials—sustainable cork and natural rubber—with a mesmerising design that visually captures the eternal rhythms of nature, the human experience and the interconnectedness of all life.
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Why-Cork-Yoga-Mats-Props-Are-Ideal-for-Hot-Yoga ZONE

Explore the advantages of cork yoga mats and blocks for hot yoga. Discover how cork's natural grip intensifies with sweat, ensuring stability during heated sessions. Learn about its antimicrobial properties for mat hygiene and lasting durability for sustainability. Cork not only enhances your hot yoga experience but also promotes environmental consciousness.

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Cork Yoga Mat Series By Artist Fru Pinter ZONE

In this collaboration with artist Fru Pinter, we explored and discussed in depth three themes: Growth, Letting Go and Connection. We subtly incorporated traditional symbols like the lotus, the Hamsa and mandela into these beautiful and meaningful illustrations - each telling a story and each inviting you to find your own meaning within the art. We hope you love this series as much a we do.

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5 Yogic Techniques For Surfing ZONE
Surfing isn’t just about catching waves, but also being in tune with your body and the ocean. Surfing and yoga both require a combination of strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Learn how to draw on the techniques of Yoga to improve your surfing and mindset in the water. 
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The Five Tibetans: The Fountain of Youth | ZONE
Many fitness trends have come and gone over the years, but The Five Tibetans have withstood the test of time. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, incorporating these simple, yet effective movements into your daily routine could be the key to living a healthy life. 
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Why Choose a ZONE Yoga Mat
ZONE Yoga mats are created to be good for you and good for the planet. Every aspect of these sustainable mats were designed with thoughtful consideration, which is why there are so many reasons to choose a ZONE Cork Yoga Mat. 
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Yogic Energy Channels✨ | ZONE
In Yoga we move Prana (energy, lifeforce) through our body along energetic channels known as Nadis. We can use different poses, pranayamas and meditations to help balance the different states of energy.
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How to Use Yoga Blocks to Transform Your Practice | ZONE

It’s true, using yoga blocks can transform and improve your yoga practice.

There are many foundational yoga poses that weren't designed for modern day bodies that spend long days sitting at a desk. It can take many years just for some people to reach their toes! So by adding blocks, we bring the earth closer and lengthen our limbs, so that the full benefit of yoga can be experienced.

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Kids yoga and meditation | ZONE

Yoga has so many benefits for your body, your mind, and your soul and it is a wonderful thing to introduce to your child.

Making your child’s yoga practice light and playful will help them get the most out of their yoga. It is a powerful way for them to learn about who they are, as well as being a fantastic tool to help them navigate life

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Your Guide to The Chakras | ZONE

In Sanskrit, the word chakra means disk or wheel, because these chakras are like spinning wheels, full of prana, our life force energy. 

Each chakra has a unique effect on your perception and awareness as they house your deepest, unconscious patterns and shape thoughts and behaviours. 

Here is an overview of the seven major chakra and their meanings, emotions and how you can help bring them into balance.  

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Whether you are at the beginning of your yoga journey or an experienced practitioner, our hamstrings can have a tendency to feel tight or inflexible, especially if we are doing yoga early in the morning!

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