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Perfect Fit

These pants would have to be the most comfy leisure wear I have ever purchased. The texture and quality of the material is superb and the fit is spot on. They wash beautifully ever time and are an absolute must for your wardrobe. I love them so much I just ordered another pair and the matching sweater 🖤

Pretty and Sustainable!

This strap has been perfect for my practice. It's really strong yet soft and not scratchy like some other straps I've tried. Love the colour too and the fact that is came in minimal packaging.

Little lifesavers!

These massage balls are by far the best I have used. I love that the balls come in two sizes. The small ball has been a life saver for my neck and headaches and the large ball is awesome on my back and shoulders against the wall.

I LOVE this hoodie!!

So soft, so comfortable, stylish, sustainable, what more can I say??
I wore this all weekend recently when it was raining and I felt so cosy and comfortable. Love the whole range actually....will be buying more of these products for sure!

Wow. Just Wow.

This is not just another yoga mat! Amazing packaging and story behind the beautiful artwork. You can tell so much thought and effort has gone into it. I love this set.... it makes me feel connected and enhances my practice in a spiritual way.

The best yoga pants I have

These pants are so comfy! I love wearing them on my morning walks and they're amazing for yoga. Stretchy, breathable and you can tell the material is pure quality.

Hemp Tee

Love the Tee it’s soft, and so comfortable love wearing it. The most comfortable Tee I’ve ever had 😘

I can wear this tee for days!

Love this tee so much that I hardly take it off. What blows me away is that after a day of wear, it does not smell at all under the arms like a regular cotton tee would. You can seriously go MANY days before needing to wash it. AMAZING!

Love the cropped style

This hoodie is perfect with high waisted jeans or shorts, as well as trakkies when a longer hoodie would look really baggy and unflattering. The relaxed fit is really comfortable, I wear it all the time!

I get so many comments on this strap!

Whenever I'm unrolling my mat at a studio or carrying my mat, people always comment on how much they love this strap. It's so natural looking and really comfortable and convenient.


I mostly used this spray on my yoga mat before and after each practice, to cleanse it and also make the cork more grippy. However I also got a puppy recently and realised that this spray is the only one that has helped completely remove the evidence of her 'accidents' from the air while she was toilet training. Thankfully she is trained now, but I'm so grateful that this spray made the house fresh again!

5 minute miracle worker

I use my massage balls for 5 minutes every morning on the soles of my feet and then for about 10 minutes in the evening against a wall for my back and shoulders while I'm watching TV. Just this tiny change has made me feel more flexible and with less tension in my body. I also take the small one when I travel, so I can use it on a plane or on stops during long road trips. I love how this simple routine makes me feel so much better and that they are good for the environment as well. Thank you!

Best track pants!

Both my boyfriend and I have these tracks they are the best! Super comfy and don’t look too slouchy like some track pants do so you can wear them out as well.

Sand crop hoodie

Love the colour have almost everything in sand! This crop is great with everything

Super comfy and adjust to the weather

Bought these because I was trying to move away from fast fashion and polyester threads, and they are some of the most comfortable loungy pants I've owned. Can also be dressed up with a shirt in the most wild of situations.

Best hoodie ever

I always want to wear my zone hoodie. It's not like it is my only one, but I always seem to find myself gravitating towards it like my favourite pair of jeans. I'm not sure why but I always seem to feel warmer in winter in it and during those funny Melbourne jacket off and on days, I always feel comfortable in it. Get one, you'll love it.

QUALITY Listening to Country Mats

I ordered x10 of the Listening to Country Mats. The quality and grip/non-slip of the mats is out of this world. The artwork is divine and makes me feel so connected to our Earth and takes you on a journey. I also really loved the cylinder and packaging it came in, the way the mat rolled out of the cylinder felt like a beautiful smooth experience. I also got a Yoga block, the shape and quality makes it easier to use. I havent used one this shape before its wonderful. So very grateful to Lydia and team for creating such an Amazing product but also amazing service and care in everything they do. Thank you so very much. Extremely grateful.

Great Quality

I originally bought one of these hoodies in stone as the vintage black was out of stock at the time. I liked the fit and feel of it so that when the vintage black was available again I purchased another one.

A hug & sustainable love in a hoodie!

Truly a gift for self care! <3 Soft, warm & comfortable! Zones products are my absolute favs! love love


jumper feels amazing, quality is superb and mum loved it for mothers day.

Hemp jogger

Recently I bought hemp jogger in vintage black and I love it. I already have joggers and oversized hoodie in sand colour and because I have been wearing them everyday I decided to get another set. They are very comfortable and warm - perfect for the cold, rainy days.

So In Love

I cannot imagine my Yoga life without your mat & accessories Lydia. ThankU for producing such beautiful lasting products & with the planet in mind. My mat is like a magic carpet that takes me on a journey every class. The incredible artwork by Ricky is mesmerising & gives me a spiritual grounding connection, & takes me back to Uluru, a place of beauty.
The perfect proportion of height, width & texture grounds me like no other mat & the cork gets better with sweat & heat, giving me confidence & stability knowing I wont slip or slide out of a pose. Every Yogi should treat themselves to your products.

Huge fan

There's not much to say - they are super comfy, fit perfectly and the sand colour I got is unique and stylish. On top of all that, they are sustainable and the packaging they came in is fully compostable. If you're thinking about grabbing yourself a pair of these, I would would fully encourage it! They're awesome!

Zone mat and hemp bike shorts

The cork mat is both light to carry and non-slip. The listening to country artwork and meaning is beautiful.
The shorts are super comfy, no digging in at the waist but also not saggy. Love the hemp material, very breathable. Great length too as I’ve never been a person who goes for booty shorts.

Listening to Country A+

I recently received the listening to country yoga mat and a few other products and can say that I absolutely love them. The mat is comfy and durable, especially after sweating or on warm days when some extra grip is needed. The story behind it is also really amazing and wonderful artwork embodying it.

The clothing, so comfortable and easy to move in.

Highly recommended when looking for some great quality products!