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Welcome to ZONE ZONE by Lydia | Sustainable Fashion, Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats & more!


    One of a kind hand painted "Listening To Country" yoga mat - A collaboration of beauty and meaning with Indigenous artist Ricky Kildea.

  • Hemp Clothing

    Hemp is our hero! Hemp fabric is sustainable, antibacterial, durable, breathable, moisture wicking and gets softer with wear which is what inspired us to make hemp activewear that that stands the test of time and trends.

  • Sustainable Cork Yoga Mats & Accessories

    Made from cork and natural rubber to support your practice and help you find your ZONE

  • Australian Essential Oils & Sprays

    Our signature scents are made in Australia with 100% pure essential oils using Australian-only botanicals.

Welcome to ZONE by Lydia

We are your go-to sustainable Australian label specialising in hemp clothing, Australian made essential oils and room sprays, cork yoga mats, yoga blocks and yoga essentials.

Zone yoga mat and block

Cork Yoga Range

Eco-friendly, plastic free, cork yoga mats, blocks, massage balls & accessories to support your practice and help you discover your ZONE.

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Essential oils Australia

Australian Essential Oils

Indulge in our 100% Pure Australian Made essential oils, yoga mat and room sprays to uplift and energise your space.

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hemp hoodies

Luxe Hemp Clothing

ZONE clothing is made from sustainable hemp and organic cotton. Soft, breathable and comfy. New styles coming soon!

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One of a kind, hand painted 'Listening To Country' Yoga Mat

The original 'Listening to Country' cork yoga mat hand painted by Indigenous contemporary artist, Ricky Kildea is now up for auction. This artwork represents what it means to be 'in the ZONE' from an Aboriginal context. It is the perfect piece of artwork to display in your home, office or studio. 100% of the proceeds from this online auction will go to the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust.


Sustainable Hemp Activewear

Designed to stand the test of time and trends, our hemp activewear is made from hemp and organic cotton which are both sustainable and biodegradable natural fibres.

Hemp is our hero. Not only is the plant and environmental superstar, it's fibres are superior in strength, hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. Our hemp activewear is also UV resistant and naturally anitbacterial - which means it's anti-stink so you can wear it longer and wash it less!

Hemp wears in, not out and gets softer with time. No other fibre comes close, which is why we use hemp in our ZONE clothing and yoga totes.

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Why Choose Cork?

There are many reasons why we choose cork for our yoga mats and accessories. Cork has a smooth and soft feel that gets grippier the more you sweat and is a natural, sustainable and renewable choice for the environment.

Is cork is naturally antimicrobial? Yes, it naturally repells dirt, dust and mould. There's a reason it has been stuffed into our wine bottles for centuries!

We want to help you cultivate an eco-conscious yoga practice that is good for you and great for the earth. 

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Listening to Country

A project of beauty and meaning with Indigenous contemporary artist, Ricky Kildea. The artwork has been printed on our cork yoga mats and blocks and has been designed to evoke a sense of calm, focus and connection.