Sustainable & Antibacterial

Made from sustainable cork, our cork yoga range includes a cork yoga mat, cork yoga blocks and cork massage balls and other sustainable yoga accessories to support your practice and help you find your ZONE.
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Connection Cork Yoga Mat ZONE

Connection Cork Yoga Mat

Your path to feeling more connected Yoga entails a lot of different practices, connection being at the centre of them. This cork yoga mat has been designed to invite connection into...
Cork Massage Balls ZONE

Cork Massage Balls

The ultimate trigger point massage! Our cork massage balls are made from 100% sustainable cork. They are comfortably firm and durable allowing you to self-massage and release tension in tight...
Cork Massage Balls and Mat Combo ZONE

Cork Massage Balls and Mat Combo

Purchase your set of Cork Massage Balls and Yoga Mat together and save $20! Massage balls and a cork yoga mat is a great recovery duo for those looking to tackle...
Cork Yoga Block ZONE

Cork Yoga Block

A must have eco-friendly yoga block for yogis at all levels. Yoga blocks are an essential tool for both beginner and advanced yogis. Our eco-friendly cork yoga blocks are crafted...
Cork Yoga Block Duo ZONE

Cork Yoga Block Duo

Buy two cork yoga blocks and save $10!     Learn more about Why We Choose Cork. 
Cork Yoga Mat ZONE

Cork Yoga Mat

A natural, sustainable and practical yoga mat.  Our eco-friendly yoga mat is made from 100% sustainable cork leather and natural rubber. The cork surface has a smooth and natural feel with medium...
Cork Yoga Mat and Blocks Combo ZONE

Cork Yoga Mat and Blocks Combo

Purchase your Cork Yoga Mat and Eco-Friendly Yoga Blocks together and save $20 plus free shipping! The perfect accessories for eco-conscious yogi's in the beginning of their yoga journey right...
Cork Yoga Mat and Hemp Tote Combo ZONE

Cork Yoga Mat and Hemp Tote Combo

The perfect pair for yogis on the go! Buy your mat and yoga tote bag together and save $20! If you're looking for an easy way to carry your yoga mat, you've...
Cork Yoga Mat and Jute Strap Combo ZONE

Cork Yoga Mat and Jute Strap Combo

Purchase your Cork Yoga Mat and Jute Yoga Strap together and save $10 plus free shipping. The perfect yoga mat and strap combo for eco-conscious yogi's.  Our Yoga Mat and Strap combo includes:...
Essential Oil Trio ZONE

Essential Oil Trio

Purchase our signature Australian Essential Oil Trio and save $20! Our ZONE essential oil blends have been inspired by our home, Australia and her beautiful yet rugged landscapes and native...
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Growth Cork Yoga Mat ZONE

Growth Cork Yoga Mat

Embrace the ongoing process of growth Your yoga mat is more than a piece of equipment. It's a sacred space that holds the energy and intentions of your practice. Our yoga...