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one percent for the planet


Together, we can solve the climate challenge

We care deeply for people and the planet. We want to help people live sustainably and achieve personal wellness without harming the environment. ZONE by Lydia is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. We take responsibility for the health of our planet by donating 1% of annual sales to environmental nonprofits creating positive change. 

By contributing 1% of our annual sales, we join thousands of 1% for the Planet members that have raised over $300 million to support approved environmental nonprofits around the globe. Nonprofits are approved based on referrals, track record and environmental focus. 

Solutions to climate change exist, they just need funding. Today, 1% for the Planet’s global network consists of thousands of businesses, individuals and environmental nonprofits working toward a better future for all. If we can drive investment into these projects and keep reducing our own emissions, we can get on the right path to a zero-carbon future and a balanced, healthy climate. 

Our ZONE products are made from sustainable materials like cork and hemp. Did you know the production of industrial hemp is actually carbon negative? Yes, amazing! That means hemp sequesters more carbon than it emits throughout its growth and processing! Our products are also plastic free, which includes our minimal packaging. 

We will continue to research and use sustainable materials, packaging and investigate recycling options for our products. There's so much to do but if we all do our bit in helping protect and preserve our planet, we (humans) may just stick around a little while longer to enjoy it.

Climate change requires immediate action - there isn't a minute to waste when it comes to decarbonising our planet. If every company were to reduce their emissions and invest in climate change initiatives, we can accelerate this journey. We believe this should be standard practice for all businesses. 

Look for the 1% for the Planet logo when you shop to support the companies that are taking immediate action on climate change. Learn more at