Welcome to ZONE! I've spent most of my life as an elite athlete, including a couple of decades in the thrill seeking sport of freestyle aerial skiing. I’ve been lucky enough to experience many magical moments of being in the ZONE. A place where I was laser focused and deflecting all distraction. Where internal chatter was quiet and controlled. Where I felt in flow and my movements were executed with precision and purpose. Where I felt light and energetic, my breath was full and slow. Where I performed at my best. This is the ZONE. A beautiful internal place of being in flow.

On the flip side, I've also had (many) moments where, despite my best efforts, I wasn't in the ZONE. Where my thoughts were clouded, and I succumbed to distraction. When my breath was shallow and fast, when I felt out of control and made mistakes.

Sometimes we just have a bad day, or moment, or performance. Growth is in letting it go. Growth is in humility. Growth is in learning from it and always trying to find a positive intention behind every situation.


As an athlete in an extreme sport, I experienced frequent injury to my knees, shoulders and back which inspired my first business BodyICE in 2007 - a range of joint specific ice and heat packs.

However it wasn't until 2012, that I truly discovered yoga and its endless benefits on mind and body. At the time, I was suffering from a debilitating back injury and one I didn’t think I could recover from. Specialists told me my sporting career was over. My mental training coach directed me to his Yoga master where I began my yoga journey through private tuition and have never looked back.

Within two practices, my mobility had increased and my pain reduced drastically. Within three months, I was fully rehabilitated and back tackling my goals as an aerial skier.

Yoga saved me. Yoga is my medicine. Yoga prolonged my career in sport and has helped me live better in life. It has helped me not only recovery physically but it has centred me, calmed me, strengthened me and has become an integral part of my daily routine.


... as is a run through the Otways, or a surf along the Great Ocean Road. A place where my stress, worries and sweat melt away and a place where I nurture and nourish my body and mind. 

ZONE has been inspired by nature - its beauty, its unique scents, its resilience and durability and born from my experience as an elite athlete, a passion for yoga, wellness and sustainability.

I love our evolving product range. It comes from a good place. One that wants to help people live better physically, mentally and emotionally whilst striving to protect our planet as best as we can by using sustainable materials of premium quality.

Whilst we may not always be in the ZONE, it is the state that we are striving for. Through ZONE, my mission is to help you find your ZONE through environmentally conscious products for yoga, your lifestyle, your comfort and your mental and physical health.

Love Lydia