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Listening To Country Cork Yoga Mat Wins Clean + Conscious Awards 2022

  • By Lydia Lassila
  • Oct 26

Listening to Country WINS GOLD


For our second year in a row, we have taken out GOLD and Editor's Choice in the Clean + Conscious Awards 2022! 

Our Listening To Country Cork Yoga Mat has won both Gold AND Editor's Choice and our Listening to Country Cork Yoga Blocks made it as a finalist! We are proud to be a part of these awards to and it solidifies our commitment to a clean and conscious future. 

Now running in its fourth year, the Clean + Conscious Awards celebrate exceptional products that are clean (non-toxic) and conscious (ethical, sustainable and responsible). In 2021, we took out the WIN for our original cork yoga mat and hemp hoodie!

We only have a handful of Listening to Country Cork Yoga Mats and blocks left so don't miss out on this limited edition.  

The Listening to Country collaboration with Ricky Kildea was both a beautiful and meaningful project as we explored the concept of being IN THE ZONE from an Indigenous perspective. You can learn more about the project here.


Ricky Kildea Quote


Listening to Country Cork Yoga Mat



Check out the full list of winners of the Clean + Conscious Awards 2022 and head to the full press release here


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