Listening To Country Cork Yoga Mat


Designed by Indigenous artist, Ricky Kildea. $10 from every Listening to Country mat sold is donated to Seed Mob.

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More than just a yoga mat

The Listening to Country cork yoga mat was designed by Australian Indigenous artist, Ricky Kildea to create a feeling of calmness, focus and connection with a beautiful representation of what it means to be "in the ZONE" from an Aboriginal context. 

This yoga mat is made from 100% sustainable cork and natural rubber and is PVC, latex and phthalate free. Using a high temperature machine, the rubber and the cork layers are adhered to each other without the use of glues or harsh chemicals.
The cork surface has a smooth and natural feel, with a centre guideline for perfect

About the artwork

The Indigenous artwork centres around a connection to Country, deep-listening and the journey we take in experiencing a one-ness with nature and a deeper connection to mind, body, spirit. A connection to Country is a key element of Aboriginal culture and spirituality, and has contributed to Aboriginal people living sustainably for thousands of years on this land.

The colours of the middle and end circles represent ochre, and the interconnectedness with Country. 

The larger centre circle is a place of focus and the "ZONE" in a cultural context. This is often referred to as deep-listening or walking quietly on Country.

The blue lines on the artwork represent a river and the flowing of positive energy. The river also symbolises our journey in life. There are times when the river flows effortlessly, but there are also times when the water needs to find a way through the rocks and around the resistance. The sounds of the river speak to us and guide us. As we listen to the river, we hear our ancestors and we feel the energy of the river.

The circle artwork designs in the river represent the lessons we learn on our journey and the important people in our lives who have guided us.

The artwork also reminds us to be mindful of our impact on Country. By living more connected to the environment, more connected to Country and more connected to culture, we create a greater awareness and deeper spiritual connection. 




Product Details

Our ZONE yoga mat is larger than your average yoga mat measuring 183cm x 68cm x 3.5mm thickness and 2.6kg.

Our eco-conscious packaging is kind to the Earth and plastic free. Your yoga mat will arrive in a ship ready bio-degradable packaging tube keeping packaging to a minimum, whilst protecting your yoga mat.

How To Use Your Cork Yoga Mat

Position your ZONE yoga mat on a flat surface. You can practice on either the cork or rubber surface depending on your practice and grip preference. For fine tuning alignment, use the cork side with guide lines.

If you're using the cork side, we recommend using a yoga mat spray with essential oils to lightly moisten your mat before practicing to initiate the suberin in the cork. Suberin increases the level of grip in your mat, so as you generate heat and sweat in your practice, your grip will enhance.

For an advanced grip option, use the rubber side.

Learn more about Why We Choose Cor

Is Cork Anti-Bacterial?

Yes! Cork is naturally antimicrobial which means that it suppresses the growth of micro-organisms such as mould or bacteria and naturally repels dust, dirt, and grease. 

The end result is the perfect, natural, cork yoga mat that is: 

  • Easy to clean and naturally antibacterial
  • Non-toxic, PVC, latex and phthalate free
  • Eco-friendly, renewable and durable

Our eco-conscious packaging is kind to the Earth and plastic free. Your yoga mat will arrive in a ship ready bio-degradable packaging tube keeping packaging to a minimum, whilst protecting your yoga mat.

Cleaning & Care

Spray your yoga mat with our essential oil sprays before and after each practice. For a deeper clean or to remove stains, use a mixture of water and vinegar plus bicarbonate of soda. Air dry over a chair in the shade.


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