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Hello and welcome to our blog In the ZONE!

We exist to help you #LiveBetter through eco-conscious products for yoga, your lifestyle and your mental and physical health. We care about people and planet and we want to make sure that every product we create not only benefits you, but is made using sustainable materials and ethical practices.

The Five Tibetans: The Fountain of Youth | ZONE

The Five Tibetans: The Fountain of Youth

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Cork Yoga Mat


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  • Live sustainably x

    Easy Sustainable Swaps

    July 26 2022 – Lydia Lassila

    Creating sustainable habits doesn't have to be complicated. Choose one or two easy swaps to start with and keep building on that. Every little bit counts, together we can turn these ripples of change into waves and help protect our planet.

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  • 7 days of free yoga

    Introducing The ZONE ~ Practice Yoga with us!

    June 14 2022 – Hunter DeRusha

    Our first offering is a 7 Day program that was created to help you Find Your ZONE and to cultivate a daily ritual with a combination of movement, mindfulness and breathwork. 

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  • Meditation vs Visualisation

    Is visualisation different to meditation?

    May 31 2022 – Lydia Lassila

    Is visualisation different to meditation? It sure is. Even though meditation and visualisation are often used interchangeably, the two techniques are actually quite different and affect the brain in very different ways.

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  • Sunrise Yoga

    Morning Ritual Ideas ~ Creating a Morning Routine for Happiness and Success☀️

    May 25 2022 – Hunter DeRusha

    To showcase our collaboration with sustainable surf wear brand Elation The Label  we explore why a morning routine is so important and how to create a positive morning ritual for yourself, backed by science! We also talk to our ZONE founder Lydia Lassila and founder of Elation, Kellie Mitchell about what gets them out of bed in the morning. 

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  • What Happens During Meditation? | ZONE

    What Happens During Meditation?

    May 20 2022 – Jade Hunter

    We've heard that meditation can be good for our mind and perhaps we've even felt the calming benefits ourselves, but what's really going on while we sit in silence?

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  • Listening to Country - Our latest collaboration

    Listening to Country - Our latest collaboration

    May 15 2022 – Lydia Lassila

    Over the past 6 months I have had the pleasure of collaborating on a really beautiful and meaningful project called "Listening to Country" with aboriginal artist, Ricky Kildea. 

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  • Why Choose a ZONE Yoga Mat

    Why Choose a ZONE Yoga Mat

    May 11 2022 – Hunter DeRusha

    ZONE Yoga mats are created to be good for you and good for the planet. Every aspect of these sustainable mats were designed with thoughtful consideration, which is why there are so many reasons to choose a ZONE Cork Yoga Mat. Here's what makes our mats so special...

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  • How is Cork Antibacterial?

    How is Cork Antibacterial?

    April 18 2022 – Hunter DeRusha

    There are many reasons that we chose cork for our products, including its sustainable harvesting method (cork trees can have the bark removed without damaging the tree so no trees are ever cut down during harvest). However, there is one incredible aspect of cork that we get asked about a lot, and that is the antibacterial action and how it...

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