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We're Finalists in the Clean + Conscious Awards 2024!

  • By Emma Freeman
  • Jun 06

We are super excited to share that ZONE has been named a finalist in not one, but three categories at the Clean + Conscious Awards 2024! Now running in its sixth year, the Clean + Conscious Awards celebrate exceptional products that are clean (non-toxic) and conscious (ethical, sustainable and responsible)... (i.e. kind to you, and the planet!)

This is our third year of entering and being named as finalists (previously we've won Gold and Editor’s Choice, twice!) Being recognised in these Awards is incredibly meaningful to us— it validates the hard work, dedication and love we pour into every aspect of our business.

The Cycle of Life Cork Yoga Mat - Finalist

First up with a finalist nomination in the Yoga category is our brand-new, incredible "Cycle of Life" Cork Yoga Mat. This limited-edition mat is designed by talented yoga teacher and art therapist Lara Zilibowitz. It combines sacred earth materials—sustainable cork and natural rubber—with a mesmerising design that visually captures the eternal rhythms of nature, the human experience, and the interconnectedness of all life.

Practising on this mat reminds you to reflect on the cycles and seasons mirrored in your own life, from the inhalations and exhalations of your breath to the rhythmic beating of your heart. It serves as a reminder of the beauty and complexity of the cosmos, offering a sanctuary for practice, reflection and growth.

This beautiful, unique yoga mat has been lovingly crafted with ethically and sustainably sourced materials—cork and natural rubber.

With only a limited-number of mats available, order your Cycle of Mat on presale today.

Hemp Hipster Brief

Next, our soon-to-be-released Hemp Hipster Brief has also been selected as a finalist in the Underwear category. Crafted from a premium blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex, these underwear are designed for ultimate comfort and durability. The minimalist design in classic black ensures full coverage while maintaining a sleek and stylish look.


Hemp is a remarkable material known for its breathability, moisture-wicking properties and exceptional durability. These briefs promise to maintain their shape and texture through repeated wear and washing.

Our commitment to ethical practices is at the core of this product. Lydia Lassila, our founder, personally visited our family-run manufacturing partner in Pakistan to ensure safe and fair working conditions. Meanwhile, our collaboration with Hemp Fortex, a leader in ethical and sustainable fabric production, guarantees that our hemp fabric is sourced and processed in accordance with strict environmental and ethical standards.

If you’d like to be the first to know when our Hipster Hemp Brief becomes available, sign-up to our mailing list below. 

Cork Massage Balls

Lastly, our Cork Massage Balls are finalists in the Fitness Accessories category. These massage balls are a simple yet powerful tool for self-care. Made from 100% sustainable cork, these massage balls are designed to help you release tension in tight muscles, fascia, and hard-to-reach places. 

The set includes two different-sized balls, allowing you to effectively target both small and larger muscle groups. Our cork is ethically sourced from Portugal, the world's largest cork producer, supplying 70% of the world’s cork products. 


Aligned with Clean + Conscious Values

The Clean + Conscious Awards align perfectly with our core values of sustainability, ethical practices and wellbeing. ZONE is dedicated to creating products that not only enhance wellbeing, but also contribute positively to the world. Our recognition in these awards reflects our commitment to these values, and we are deeply honoured to be amongst the finalists. 

What’s Next?

All three of our finalist products are now being sent to the Awards expert panel who will hands-on trial and review each product. Judges will also assess how ethical, sustainable and responsible a product is. We look forward to hearing their reviews!

Gratitude and Commitment

As we celebrate this achievement, we are filled with gratitude for the support of our community. Your belief in our mission and your trust in our products make this possible. We remain committed to creating products that are healthy, sustainable and nurturing for the body and soul.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!
The ZONE team  xx

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