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Our signature hoodies are made from sustainable hemp and organic cotton, which means the more you wear them, the softer they get. Hemp fabric is breathable, moisture wicking, odour repelling, durable, comfortable and will keep you cosy all year round.
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Hemp Hoodie 2.0 ZONE

Hemp Hoodie 2.0

Like a big, warm, soft hug from those we love. Made from sustainable hemp and organic cotton French terry, you'll be wrapped in comfort whilst oozing a cool street vibe....
The Hemp Crew Sweater ZONE

Hemp Crew Sweater

Natural comfort The Hemp Crew Sweater is the perfect combination of classic style and comfort. Made from sustainable hemp and organic cotton French terry, this gender neutral sweater is not...

Hemp FAQ's

Where are your clothes made?
Is hemp a sustainable fabric?
Is hemp fabric anti-bacterial and odour proof?
Is your range unisex?
Does hemp wash and wear well?
What is your size range?
Is your hemp clothing sustainable and ethically made?
Does hemp fabric need any special care?
What type of dyes do you use on your hemp clothes?

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