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Yogic Energy Channels✨

  • By Hunter DeRusha
  • Jan 31

In Yoga we move Prana (energy, lifeforce) through our body along energetic channels known as Nadis. We can use different poses, pranayamas and meditations to help balance the different states of energy.



The energy of the moon is governed throughout our system along Ida Nadi, which begins on the left side and crisscrosses along our largest energy stream - Sushumna Nadi. This lunar energy is said to be our feminine energy and is cooling, grounding and calming. Yin yoga sequences and other calming yoga poses can cultivate this energy and help to make you feel more grounded.



Our Pingala Nadi begins on the right side and is our fiery, sun energy that is heating and activating. It mirrors Ida Nadi as it crosses the main energy channel. Our solar energy is considered masculine energy that helps us to get motivated, to take action and build heat. Dynamic movement such as Vinyasa Yoga can help to stimulate this Nadi.

How do you balance luna and solar energy?

Ultimately we want an even balance between these two states, so if you are feeling a little hot under the collar or irritated then consider doing practices to help cool and stimulate your lunar energy channel, like a relaxing yin pose. Likewise, if you are a bit tired or sluggish then an active yoga class might help to activate your Pingala Nadi and balance your energy.



Aside from asana (yoga poses) there are other practices that we can use to stimulate our solar or luna energy. Pranayama can be a powerful way to build heat, or to cool down.

Luna (cooling pranayamas)
Chandra Bhedana- Moon piercing breath (Inhale through left nostril exhale through right and repeat in this circular breathing pattern)
Sheetali - Breathing through a rolled tongue
Sitkari - Breathing through clenched teeth

Solar (heating pranayamas)
Surya Bhedana - Sun piercing breath -Inhaling through right nostril and exhaling through left and repeating in this circular motion.
Kapalabhati - Skull shining breath. Powerful exhaling with contractions of the abdominal muscles.
Bhastrika - Breath of fire. Forceful inhalation and exhalation.

Nadi Shodana

Nadi shodhana - Using a hand mudra (gesture) that allows your ring finger to gently block the left nostril and thumb to block right nostril. Inhale through left nostril, exhale right, inhale right, exhale left. And repeat. Here is a guided practice and explanation of nadi shodhana pranayama.



Our BREATHE Essential Oil can be used to help invigorate your pranayama or asana practice, to help you Find Your ZONE. You can diffuse it into your space or anoint onto your pulse points before your yoga practice. 


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