Sustainable Cork Yoga Mats In Australia

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, a good quality yoga mat is essential as it provides stability, comfort and support throughout your yoga practice. At ZONE, our eco-friendly yoga mats are made from 100% sustainable cork and natural rubber. They are biodegradable, non-toxic and free from PVC, latex, phthalates and harsh glues.

The cork surface has a smooth and natural feel that increases in grip with perspiration and a centre guideline to keep you in alignment.

Our art series cork yoga mats each celebrate a theme and tell a beautiful story. Let the artwork guide you towards a more connected and meaningful practice.
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The Cycle Of Life Cork Yoga Mat ZONE

The Cycle Of Life Cork Yoga Mat

Introducing the "Cycle of Life" Cork Yoga Mat, a limited-edition creation designed by yoga teacher and artist Lara Zilibowitz. This unique yoga mat combines sacred earth materials—sustainable cork and natural...
Listening To Country Cork Yoga Mat ZONE

Listening To Country Cork Yoga Mat

More than just a yoga mat The Listening to Country cork yoga mat was designed by Australian Indigenous artist, Ricky Kildea to create a feeling of calmness, focus and connection with...
Connection Cork Yoga Mat ZONE

Connection Cork Yoga Mat

Your path to feeling more connected Yoga entails a lot of different practices, connection being at the centre of them. This cork yoga mat has been designed to invite connection into...
Cork Yoga Mat ZONE

Cork Yoga Mat

A natural, sustainable and practical yoga mat.  Our eco-friendly yoga mat is made from 100% sustainable cork leather and natural rubber. The cork surface has a smooth and natural feel with medium...
Growth Cork Yoga Mat ZONE

Growth Cork Yoga Mat

Embrace the ongoing process of growth Your yoga mat is more than a piece of equipment. It's a sacred space that holds the energy and intentions of your practice. Our yoga...
Let Go Cork Yoga Mat ZONE

Let Go Cork Yoga Mat

Let go and find your flow Your yoga mat is a space that that absorbs and transforms whatever you arrive with. You may feel stressed, frustrated, energised, centred, relaxed, or...

Cork Yoga Mats FAQ's

What are your cork yoga mats made from?
Where are your cork yoga mats made?
How do you clean a cork yoga mat?
Are cork yoga mats slippery?
Where does your cork come from?
Is cork sustainable?
What are the dimensions of your cork yoga mats?
Is a cork yoga mat antibacterial?
Can you use both sides of your yoga mats?
What are the guide lines for on the yoga mat?
How many yoga blocks do I need?
What are cork massage balls used for?


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