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Our Listening to Country Cork Yoga mats and blocks have been designed by Australian Indigenous artist, Ricky Kildea to create a feeling of calmness, focus and connection. Made from sustainable cork and natural rubber with a beautiful representation of what it means to be "in the ZONE" from an Aboriginal context.
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Listening To Country Cork Yoga Mat ZONE

Listening To Country Cork Yoga Mat

More than just a yoga mat The Listening to Country cork yoga mat was designed by Australian Indigenous artist, Ricky Kildea to create a feeling of calmness, focus and connection with...

I ordered x10 of the Listening to Country Mats. The quality and grip/non-slip of the mats is out of this world. The artwork is divine and makes me feel so connected to our Earth and takes you on a journey. I also really loved the cylinder and packaging it came in, the way the mat rolled out of the cylinder felt like a beautiful smooth experience. I also got a Yoga block. The shape and quality makes it easier to use. I havent used one this shape before its wonderful. So very grateful to Lydia and team for creating such an Amazing product but also amazing service and care in everything they do. Thank you so very much. Extremely grateful.


Wow. Just Wow.
This is not just another yoga mat! Amazing packaging and story behind the beautiful artwork. You can tell so much thought and effort has gone into it. I love this set.... it makes me feel connected and enhances my practice in a spiritual way.


So In Love
I cannot imagine my Yoga life without your mat & accessories Lydia. Thankyou for producing such beautiful lasting products & with the planet in mind. My mat is like a magic carpet that takes me on a journey every class. The incredible artwork by Ricky is mesmerising & gives me a spiritual grounding connection, & takes me back to Uluru, a place of beauty.
The perfect proportion of height, width & texture grounds me like no other mat & the cork gets better with sweat & heat, giving me confidence & stability knowing I wont slip or slide out of a pose. Every Yogi should treat themselves to your


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Over the past 6 months I have had the pleasure of collaborating on a really beautiful and meaningful project called "Listening to Country" with Aboriginal artist, Ricky Kildea. 

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