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Australian Essential Oils – Nature’s Therapy

  • By Lydia Lassila
  • Jan 25

All natural, all Australian Essential Oils

There has never been a better time to introduce essential oils into your daily routine. Essential oils are compounds carefully extracted from plants that capture the plants scent, flavour and unique characteristics. Essential oils have been used in botanical medicine as traditional remedies for thousands of years. Our ancestors understood the land and how the power of plants and herbs can be used for healing and medicinal purposes. Essential oils can be used in a variety of different ways to support health and wellbeing around the home.

Essential oils are naturally antibacterial and can be used to make organic cleaning products and sanitise surfaces to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. They can also be used in aromatherapy and natural medicine to evoke healing or stimulating responses from the body and mind.

At ZONE we are proud of our signature range of native essential oils, derived from Australian botanicals, curated to help you focus, breathe, calm and cleanse.

Australia has a vast, vibrant and lush range of native flora. We are a land abundant with unique botanicals that have adapted to thrive in the diverse ecosystems ranging from temperate and tropical rainforests, Eucalypt woodlands, alpine regions, monsoon country and the vast outback.

We have carefully selected these bush botanicals in each of our blends for their unique aromatic and therapeutic qualities to support your health, lifestyle and state of mind.

Australian Essential Oils



Is designed to help respiration, calm the nervous system and relief stress.

In the blend we have used:

Peppermint Gum – Eucalyptus dives - provides a fresh, pepperminty aroma and help to assist breathing and cold and flu symptoms. Peppermint gum is anti-inflammatory and anti fungal and has a calming, energising scent.

Rosalina – Melaleuca ericifolia -  Is a lavender variety of tea tree that helps to release tension, clam anxiety and can be used for respitorary conditions, colds, as an antiseptic or as a natural insect repellent. A pleasant hybrid scent with the best qualities of both lavender and tea tree.

Kunzea – Kunzea ambigua – A medicinal plant from Tasmania and south east New South Wales and Victoria, Kunzea has a spicy, cinnamon like aroma. It’s uses include pain relief for muscles and joints as well as healing for insect bites, inflammation and skin conditions such as dermatitis and acne. It can help ease tension and lift stress.

Australian Balm Bush Mint – Prostanthera melissigolia - A flowering plant with a rich and uplifting minty Eucalypt scent, with traces of lime that is cleaning, energising and invigorating. 

ZONE Essential Oils - Breathe 10ml ZONE



Is the perfect user friendly and naturally antibacterial essential oil blend for cleaning, refreshing and uplifting.

In the blend we have used:

Eucalyptus Lemon Ironbark – Eucalyptus staigeriana – Lemon infused Eucalyptus is freshly sweet and pleasant. This essential oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and is a refreshing scent for cleaning, sanitising and washing.

Niaouli – Melaleuca quinquenervia CT Nerolina – This plant was traditionally used by Indigenous Australians to relieve head colds by way of chewing the leaves or making infused teas. It has a minty, fresh lemon fragrance and can be used for its antibacterial qualities to heal colds and flu symptoms, respiratory conditions and to disinfect surfaces. Its aroma is calming, refreshing and stimulating – the perfect cleansing addition.

Eucalyptus Australiana – Eucalyptus radiata ­– Fresher and fruitier in fragrance than most Eucalyptus trees, these leaves were also traditionally used to ease colds and also to soothe cuts and sores. The trees grow in the Snowy Mountains region and have qualities that are energising, antibacterial, air purifying, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory so it can be used in a variety of ways around the home for cleaning, purifying and healing.

Lemon Myrtle – Backhousia citriodora -  Uplifting and anti-depressive are some defining qualities of this native essential oil. Lemon Myrtle will improve concentration, enhance relaxation and happiness, deodorise rooms and help to aid sleep. It is anti-fungal, antiseptic and antiviral, making it ideal for cold and flu symptoms as well as cleaning and room sprays.

Australian Balm Mint Bush – See above

ZONE Yoga Mat and Room Spray - Cleanse 250ml ZONE



Helps to improve mental clarity and rebalance your mind and body.

In the blend we have used:

Honey Myrtle – Melaleuca teretifolia – As well as being anti infectious, this essential oil is known for its delicate honey and lemon refreshing aroma. This scent will help to clear your mind, aid concentration, reduce stress, improve mood and provide an overall uplifting quality.

Fragonia – Agonis fragrans – A small plant that has a balancing effect on mood and emotions. It is anti-depressive and invigorating. It has a slightly woody aroma and it can be used as a decongestant and for its anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Australian White Cypress – Callitris glaucophylla – This wood oil comes from a strong timber that has been used for many generations. It is used for meditation, grounding and to clear the mind and expel negative energy. It has a deep woody and pine scent that is earthy and grounding.

Rosalina - See above


ZONE Essential Oils - Cleanse 10ml ZONE



At ZONE we understand that the choices we make can be used for good, which is why we’ve carefully sourced our essential oils from Australia to ensure we are supporting Australian growers and that the plants are sustainably harvested.

Natural plant essences are the basis for many herbal remedies, and we believe that by using products that are natural and sustainably sourced we can improve our health and wellbeing to live a better life and cultivate a deeper connection to Mother Earth.

Our native Australian essential oil blends are designed to help you feel calm, grounded, safe, uplifted and supported for use in your life and around your home. These blends are available as an essential oil or as a room spray to purify, cleanse and uplift your space.


Shop our signature range of Australian essential oils & sprays today!

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