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  • By Hunter DeRusha
  • Aug 17

We are thrilled to announce that our Listening to Country Cork Yoga Mat and Blocks have been selected as a Finalist in the Clean + Conscious Awards 2022.

The Clean + Conscious Awards celebrate the very best clean and conscious products available to buy in Australia.

Now running in its fourth year, the finalists of the Clean + Conscious Awards 2022 have just been announced and at ZONE we are proud to be nominated for the second year in a row! 

In 2021 our Hemp Oversized Hoodie and Cork Yoga Mat were awarded GOLD and SILVER in the Clean + Conscious Awards.

These awards mean a lot to us here at ZONE. We've worked hard not only in developing sustainable products but also making sure they are ethically made and transported in minimal biodegradable packaging. Plus, with the help of 1% for the Planet, we are investing into climate change and sustainability projects to protect our environment. 

We are so proud of these awards and humbled for this year's nomination.

The Awards celebrate exceptional products that are clean (non-toxic) and conscious (ethical, sustainable and responsible).

All finalist products have been scientifically-researched and are verified to be non-toxic, as well as sustainable, ethical and responsible.

Our Listening To Country Cork Yoga Mat and Blocks will now enter a hands-on review phase by the Awards 2022 Expert Panel. The panel includes a diverse and inclusive mix of eco-leaders, experts, authors, sustainability educators, change makers, ethical fashion advocates and more.

The Awards, which are 100% independent and run by a team of women, are the brainchild of blogger, mother and practising Optometrist Emily Fletcher, who founded the Awards when she identified the need to celebrate safe and socially responsible products. Emily, who has postgraduate qualifications in Pharmacology and has studied Advanced Chemistry at university, says “We are thrilled to launch our biggest and most exciting Awards yet.

“Since launching back in 2019, more and more consumers have begun looking to us for guidance when choosing products that are healthy for their bodies and better for the planet. By celebrating products that are truly clean and conscious, we are working to create change on a much larger scale,” says Emily.

Winners of the 2022 Clean + Conscious Awards will be announced in October.

Check out our nominated Listening To Country Range here.

For more information about Clean + Conscious Awards visit

 Or view on Instagram @cleanandconscious_awards



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