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Clean + Conscious Awards 2021 - FIRST PLACE!

  • By Lydia Lassila
  • Nov 02

We are thrilled to announce that our Hemp Oversized Hoodie and Cork Yoga Mat have been awarded GOLD and SILVER in the Clean + Conscious Awards 2021!

These awards mean a lot to us here at ZONE. We've worked hard not only in developing sustainable products but also making sure they are ethically made and transported in minimal biodegradable packaging. Plus, with the help of Climate Neutral, we have measured and offset our carbon emissions and invested it back into climate change projects. 

We are so proud of these awards and humbled for the recognition.

Here are a few words from our expert judges....

Clean and conscious testimonials


About the Clean + Conscious Awards

The Clean + Conscious Awards celebrate exceptional products that work in perfect harmony with our bodies, our environment and our society. Now running in their third year, the Awards celebrate exceptional products that are safe / non-toxic, ethical, sustainable and socially responsible.

Over 250 exceptional products have been awarded across the categories of Skincare, Makeup, Body, Baby, Kids, Home, Zero Waste, Fashion, Food & Drink and Fitness.

To view the full list of amazing eco brands and 2021 winners, visit here and support brands that are keeping it Clean + Conscious x



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