Surfing with ZONE | ZONE

Surfing with ZONE

  • By Hunter DeRusha
  • Oct 12

Surf coach Tiffany Boddey from Women's Soulful Surf shares her favourite surf warm ups and how to practice the pop up! 



To Tiffany, being In The ZONE means losing track of time.

She says "the zone occurs when you’re immersed in the present moment and absorbed by your senses. I feel this when I'm connected to the ocean, completely absorbed by nature.



Yoga compliments surfing so well because it helps with hip opening, balance and most importantly, focus! Surfing has been Tiffany's primary sports for almost 20 years. She tells us that surfing in excess actually unbalances the muscles in your body and often creates tension and tightness in your neck, lower back and lats. She loves Yoga because it helps to release this tension and balance your body back out.



The ocean is one of our most abundant, diverse and essential environmental ecosystems. When you are surfing you connect so deeply with the power of the ocean, it's healing properties and if you are lucky you also get to meet some of its amazing inhabitants. Surfers get to experience the beautiful glide of seabird across the crest of a wave, the playfulness of curious dolphins that will often pop up nearby and the beauty of other diverse marine life such as seals, turtles, fish and stingrays. Keeping our oceans free from plastic and harsh chemicals is so important to maintain it's pristine beauty and to protect its creatures. No surfer wants to ride a wave of human trash, or have to untangle a seabird or turtle from harmful plastic. 

"A healthy ocean is a luxury - it’s our playground but for others it’s their home." says Tiffany.

"We have caused damage to the ocean and environment and we therefore have an obligation to reverse our impact.  Surfers are just one group of people who may notice an unhealthy ocean or coastline and we’re also a group who use it as our playground- we’ve gotta pick up after ourselves and choose sustainable, plastic free options whenever we can".

Our ZONE products don't just help you stay fit and prepare for the joys of surfing, but we are also committed to being plastic free and not using harsh chemicals, to help preserve the wondrous playground that is our oceans. 



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