• By Hunter DeRusha
  • Oct 15

We can’t all have a Yoga Shala in our home like Gwyneth, but we can create our own personal mini yoga sanctuary with minimal space at home. Having the tools you need to set up the perfect space quickly and easily means you can spend more time in savasana. Yin yoga, restorative yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and some pranayama (breathwork) practices are some powerful ways you can fill your cup, breathe, connect and reset all from the comfort of your home. So, let’s slow things down, dim the lights and enjoy a pause from the outside world for a little while.



Setting the mood and creating a relaxing space for yoga is an intuitive art form and we’ve got some key tips from Courtney Mooney, founder of The Slow Mo Co and our own resident ZONE yoga teacher, Hunter DeRusha to create your perfect zen den.



If you live with others (partners, roommates, children) ask them to not disturb you for the near future are you’re having some ‘me time’.

The beauty of practicing at home means you can choose the best time for you to get in the slow zone. It might be in the still of the morning before the rest of the house has woken, it might be on your lunch break, while your baby naps or even in your PJ’s just before rolling into bed at night. 

If your mind isn’t feeling quite ready to slow down, this may cause you to feel restless or unsettled on your mat. You can try sitting still, closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths or even try some simple journaling and setting an intention before you begin.



Find a space in your home that you’re least likely to be interrupted. Even in the smallest of houses, you can find a nook and cranny for your yoga sanctuary. You only need enough room to carve out a clean, open, and inviting area where you can roll out your yoga mat. Consider the end of the bed, beside the bed, in the hallway, between the couch and tv or even on your balcony if you have one.

Once you’ve chosen your space, clear anything that might trigger thoughts of work,  stress or life admin and pretend you’re on a retreat. Dim the lights, put some relaxing music on and diffuse your favourite essential oil (Side note, we don’t recommend candles for deep restorative or yoga nidra, because there is a safety concern if you fall asleep!) This is your ZONE… make it a safe and nurturing space for you to enjoy without interruptions.




Cosy and comfy clothes are a must! Choose clothes that make you feel good, like a warm hug. It’s not time for your ‘too tight’ leggings and the crop top that digs in. You want to be warm as you won’t be moving much during a restorative practice so track pants and a cosy hoodie are a good idea. Comfy pyjamas are also a great choice!



Having the right props handy will really let you ease into relaxing your body. It’s a good idea to keep a basket or drawer in your home filled with all the self care props you like to use so that you have everything you need ready to go when the mood strikes!

Some ideas for props to keep in your ‘Self Care Basket’ include: a yoga mat, blanket, yoga bolster, block, body pillow and eye pillow.

Placing a blanket nearby or even on top of your yoga mat is great not only for warmth but also as an additional prop for padding knees, feet or as a pillow under your head.

Added bonus points if you take the time to place a heated Body Relief Pillow in between your yoga mat and blanket while you set up your other props!

Have your yoga bolster handy as it’s commonly used in restorative and yin yoga to support you and create space in trickier poses and postures. You want maximum comfort to allow your body to deeply relax. Consider investing in a beautiful yoga bolster that suits your home’s interior so you can keep it on your couch for extra snuggling.

Weighted eye pillows placed on the eyes during yoga nidra or savasana (corpse pose) can block out light and allow you to go truly within. Scents of lavender and chamomile can also help you drift into ultimate relaxation.

 A block is good to have for more support in some postures, but a heavy book can be used if you don’t have a block handy.




If you’re looking for some guidance, there are many amazing Online Yoga Platforms to choose from that include short meditations, yin yoga and restorative classes. Some that we love are:


To get comfortable and infuse your space check out our hemp apparel and essential oil ranges. 

For sustainable bolsters, yoga blankets and eye pillows check out The Slow Mo Co. 


Words by 

Courtney Mooney & Hunter DeRusha

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