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We are proud of our range of 100% pure essential oils and room sprays that will invigorate your space & calm your senses. Made in Australia from Australian only botanicals and supporting Australian growers.
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Essential Oil Trio ZONE

Essential Oil Trio

Purchase our signature Australian Essential Oil Trio and save $20! Our ZONE essential oil blends have been inspired by our home, Australia and her beautiful yet rugged landscapes and native...
ZONE Essential Oils - Focus 10ml ZONE

ZONE Essential Oils - Focus 10ml

10ml | 0.34oz     FOCUS  Is a calming blend with honey and woody tones that will take you on a journey of the senses as you flow, focus and revitalise in your...
ZONE Essential Oils - Breathe 10ml ZONE

ZONE Essential Oils - Breathe 10ml

10ml  0.34oz BREATHE Is the perfect meditation or Yoga companion. A fresh minty blend inspired by the Australian bush, to clear the air and calm the mind. Made in Australia with 100%...
ZONE Essential Oils - Cleanse 10ml ZONE

ZONE Essential Oils - Cleanse 10ml

10ml | 0.34oz CLEANSE  Is a purifying blend with fresh lemony tones that is naturally cleansing and uplifting. Made in Australia with 100% pure Australian Essential Oils. In the blend, we...

ZONE Gift Card

$25.00 – $500.00
For those who are a little tricky to buy for.  Remove all your worries and give the gift of choice with our ZONE gift cards. They can be used store-wide and are delivered by email...

Essential Oils FAQ's

How do you use essential oils?
Can you clean with ZONE essential oils and sprays?
Where are your essential oils made?
Are your essential oils safe for ingestion?
Who designed your signature scents and what inspired the range?
Is ZONE Australian owned?

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