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How Do You Clean a Cork Yoga Mat?

June 04 2021 – Lydia Lassila

How Do You Clean a Cork Yoga Mat? | ZONE

How Do You Clean a Cork Yoga Mat? | ZONE

Cork: Natural, Sustainable & Anti-bacterial

We love using cork in our yoga range for it's sustainable properties but also because it's a great performer. Cork is durable, easy to clean and has a beautiful  natural feel that is comfortable under foot and hand. Its unique cellular makeup contains a substance called suberin which is released when the cork gets wet making it grippy rather than slippy when you start to sweat! Our cork mats have a natural rubber side as well which is extremely grippy, so if you're practicing in socks or needing that extra grip, the rubber side is a great option.

Another thing that is great about cork is that it's super easy to clean. Cork doesn't absorb dust, dirt or grime and is naturally antimicrobial which means that it suppresses the growth of micro-organisms such as mould or bacteria. Yep - there's a reason it's been used in our wine bottles for centuries!

Cork yoga mat

With heavy use, or if you're in a studio where your yoga equipment is being shared, you'll want to regularly clean your cork mats and yoga blocks in between use. 

The simplest way to clean your cork yoga accessories is with a natural based cleaning spray and a clean cloth. We like to use essential oil based cleaners as they have amazing cleaning qualities leaving your cork blocks and mats completely sanitised and smelling beautifully fresh. There is nothing worse than practicing on a mat that smells of chemicals, so any natural based cleaner will do. 

If you're after a deeper clean, you can use warm soapy water or warm water infused with a few drops of essential oils. Grab a clean soft brush and scrub thoroughly before wiping town with a cloth or towel or leaving to air dry over a clothes horse or chair. 


And that's basically it! For your cork yoga essentials, head to our Cork Yoga Range and make sure you check out our signature Australian Essential Oils and Sprays that will invigorate your space and leave your surfaces sanitised and smelling beautiful.









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