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Easy Sustainable Swaps

  • By Lydia Lassila
  • Jul 25

Eco Friendly Products To Help You LIVE BETTER

At ZONE we have made commitment to the Earth to be plastic free and support sustainable practices. During design and production of our Yoga products, it became apparent that this was going against the grain – our suppliers kept asking why we didn’t want our cork yoga blocks wrapped in plastic! We stuck to our guns and are proud to bring you yoga products and packaging that are free from plastic and kind to the Earth.

However, we understand that our eco awareness extends further than the yoga mat, which is why we’ve brought you some more easy everyday sustainable swaps.


Cling Wrap –> reusable beeswax wraps

Plastic bread bags – >Use a fabric bread bag and ask the bakery to put your loaf straight in – skipping the plastic!

Plastic based bench wipes -> Cellulose washable cloths that can last up to 6 months and then can be composted after their useful life is up.



Plastic bags -> Reusable shopping bags

Takeaway coffee cups -> Reusable coffee cup

Plastic straws -> Metal or bamboo reusable straws

Plastic water bottle -> Reusable water bottle



Cotton rounds and makeup wipes –> Reusable Hemp circle wipes

Plastic cotton tips –> Bamboo cotton tips

Plastic toothbrush -> Bamboo toothbrush

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash containers -> Use bars instead



PVC Yoga mat -> Sustainable cork option

Foam yoga blocks -> 100% pure cork

Fast fashion -> Slow fashion

Regular beauty and body products -> Natural, chemical free alternatives



We have kept this blog really simple, because creating sustainable habits doesn't have to be complicated. Choose one or two easy swaps to start with and keep building on that. Every little bit counts, together we can turn these ripples of change into waves and help protect our planet 🌏


Learn more about our commitment to the Earth

Shop Slow Fashion

Discover our eco friendly Yoga range 

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