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Introducing The ZONE ~ Practice Yoga with us!

  • By Hunter DeRusha
  • Jun 11

Welcome to the ZONE!

Our ethos at ZONE is to help cultivate wellness and mindfulness, whilst striving to protect and sustain our planet. Our personal health and wellbeing are inextricably connected to the health and wellbeing of the Earth, we are not separate from nature, we ARE nature. And when we feel better it has a positive ripple effect into our environment. 

This purpose has inspired us to create an online platform to share yogic teachings and moments of mindfulness.

Our first offering is a 7 Day program that was created to help you Find Your ZONE and to cultivate a daily ritual with a combination of movement, mindfulness and breathwork. The ZONE is a place of balance, of flow where internal chatter is quiet and you are connected to your breath, your environment and your purpose.

To share this experience with you, we are offering our first 7 Days FREE to celebrate International Day of Yoga on 21st June.

Our 7 day program includes:

- A daily guided video practice of mindfulness or movement led by our experienced ZONE Yoga teachers, Sarah and Hunter.

- A daily tracker to record your progress

- A wellness guide for a holistic 7 days of wellness

- Daily reflections to journal or contemplate

- If you post on your Instagram stories every day for 7 days you will also go in the draw to win a wellness prize pack worth $500.

- A special gift form us on the final day

Each morning you’ll receive an email with your practice description, guided video and a reflection question for you to journal or contemplate throughout your day. 

You can follow your progress each day with our ZONE 7 Day Yoga tracker and incorporate a holistic approach with our ZONE Wellness Guide.

If you would like to be one of the first to try our latest offering and embark on 7 days of Yoga and wellness with us, sign up before June 21st to receive your welcome pack.




We’ve also included some helpful Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to online yoga:


Do I need special equipment for the 7 days?

No, although some of the videos will require props, you can still do the practices either without props or using everyday items. Instead of blocks you can use thick books and you can use a belt or even a pair of leggings as a strap. A yoga mat will be helpful, although you can practice on any surface that feels comfortable and stable.


Do I have to do the 7 days consecutively?

The program is designed to do 7 days in a row, but we understand that life gets busy so we’ll give you access for 30 days after you sign up to enjoy the classes.


Can I do the 7 Days twice?

Absolutely! We hope that you love our new platform and so if you’d like to return to your emails and repeat the program then please feel free to do that.


Can I mix and combine the practices?

Kind of. You’ll get a staggered release of one video each day for 7 days from 21st June, but once you’ve received the video you can return to it as many times as you like afterwards (within your 30 day access window). So you can add a few videos together if you’d like a longer practice or repeat a favourite practice.


Do I need to have lots of yoga experience to do the program?

The program is designed for everybody and offers detailed explanations to make the practices accessible and interesting for all levels. The ZONE has been designed to be safe for everybody to practice, however if you have an injury or a condition (such as pregnancy) you are working with then we recommend reading the daily description and deciding if the practice is right for you, modifying the movements if you need and if you are unsure, always consult with your health care practitioner before commencing. 



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