Cork Yoga Mat Series By Artist Fru Pinter ZONE

Cork Yoga Mat Series By Artist Fru Pinter

  • By Lydia Lassila
  • May 18

Your yoga mat is more than a piece of equipment

It's a sacred space that holds the energy and intentions of your practice. When you step onto your yoga mat, I want you to feel inspired and connected so that you can find your ZONE and have an amazing experience and practice. I want you to be able to set an intention, release anything that doesn’t serve you and feel a deep connection - to yourself, your practice, your past and your journey to the present moment. We can encourage these processes through art and story-telling.

Obviously, I’m not an artist… but I am a thinker. I also feel deeply. Recently, I've had consistent themes swirling around in my head for a new series of cork yoga mats. I think cork is the most beautiful material to use for a yoga mat. It’s natural, renewable and has a beautiful feel under hand and foot. It’s also a beautiful canvas, where through art, we can evoke emotion, we can tell a story, we can inspire and we can enhance our yoga practice.

The search for the artist 

I’m pretty sure I manifested meeting Fru Pinter. I was actually hiring a new graphic designer and whilst we didn’t choose Fru for the job, I felt connected to her work and knew she’d be perfect in extracting my thoughts and turning them into pieces of art. Fru is a yogi, free diver, branding expert, freelance artist and illustrator and we found a connection immediately. We explored themes for the artwork and quickly realised that this project was going to be a series. We and landed upon three themes: Growth, Let Go and Connection. We discussed in depth what each theme meant to us personally and how it related to the practice of yoga. I wanted to choose traditional icons that are symbolic of each theme which served as inspiration for each design. The lotus flower, the Hamsa and mandala are often featured on yoga mats, but never like this. We pay homage to these beautiful symbols bring them life in this beautiful series. 

The series in depth


Yoga nurtures us on many levels. We go through many stages of growth during our journey and a symbol often used in yoga to represent that is the lotus. An open lotus flower represents one that is open to all possibilities, while a closed lotus flower bud is seen as the potential for growth. Our yoga practice is a process of growth – physical, mental and spiritual. As the lotus flower emerges from the mud and into sunlight, so too does our own personal growth journey. From there, the process is ongoing, as the seeds fall back to the earth, a new cycle of growth begins.

growth meaning

Let Go

We all think thoughts that don’t serve us. Personally, thoughts of inadequacy are common for me. Whether those limiting thoughts are relating to motherhood, business, leadership, success, body image etc, they kill my spirit and stop me living in the present. Yoga is a portal for me to ‘Let Go’ of what is not serving me. Let go of limiting thoughts and feelings that are holding me back or bringing me down. Letting go takes patience, acceptance and active contribution. The Hamsa is an iconic symbol in that it offers protection from negativity which is why it is so important it features in this art piece.

Let Go Process



What is life without connection? To ourselves, the people we love, our past, our ancestors, the universe or higher power. Who are we without love in our hearts for people, place, animals, and Mother Nature? There is so much power in meaningful relationships. To feel loved and being able to love back, is the greatest gift I know. It’s everything. Without connection, life holds little meaning. Without connection, it’s difficult to feel whole. Without connection, we are empty.

Mandala, in Sanskrit, means ‘circle’ or ‘whole’ and is a great representation of connection. Like layers of an onion, it brings together all of the interacting elements belonging to the same universe – nature, people, place, ancestors, self. At the mandala’s centre, rests ‘Om’ – the sound of the universe, the ultimate connection of mind, body and spirit.

Connection Process



A series created with love and care

Fru has created the most beautiful yoga mat series and one we are both very proud of. So much thought and love has gone into each design. From the use of traditional symbols, retaining the centre line for guidance and utilising the colours of the chakras, these are so much more than just another cork yoga mat. When you step onto these mats, let the art guide and speak to you through your own story, your own personal journey.

Love Lydia x


Now available for pre-order.


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