Australian Essential Oils Sprays

The Healing Power of Essential Oil Sprays: How They Can Support Your Wellbeing

  • By Lydia Lassila
  • Jul 27

If you're new to the world of essential oil sprays or simply looking for new ways to incorporate them into your daily life as a natural alternative toxic commercial products or store bought room sprays, then this article is for you.

We will explore the different uses for essential oil sprays, their benefits, and how to use them throughout your home. So get ready to discover the power of essential oils and transform your living space into a blissful and aromatic experience.

If you do your research into standard room sprays, cleaning products, perfumes and body sprays, you’ll make a startling discovery. Many of these ‘cleansing’ or ‘refreshing’ products are filled with toxic ingredients that are harmful for you, your family and your pets.

Thankfully there’s an alternative that’s not only safe, but has an amazing aroma whilst being beneficial for our minds, bodies and overall well being - essential oil sprays.

Australian Essential Oils Sprays



What are Essential Oil Sprays?

Essential oils aren’t new, nor are they a fad that will soon be forgotten. They’ve been around for centuries, used in botanical medicine as traditional remedies. Unlike most sprays you find on the supermarket shelves that contain artificial ingredients, essential oil sprays are made using 100% natural ingredients. At ZONE by Lydia, we source all of the ingredients for our pure essential oil blends from our own backyard here in Australia. We’re so lucky to live in a country with such rich and diverse native flora that can help to improve our wellbeing.

What’s the difference between essential oils and essential oil sprays? Our essential oil sprays contain our pure Australian essential oils blends that are diluted in water to provide just the right amount of fragrance in each spritz. 

What is in our ZONE by Lydia Essential Oil Sprays?

You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are three [yes only three] main ingredients in our Essential Oil Sprays and zero toxic chemicals: Pure Australian Essential Oils, Distilled Water and Glycerine (plant derived). That's it!

We have three signature scents that you mist into the air as a room spray or on your surfaces as a natural cleaner: Cleanse, Breathe and Focus. Are you ready to learn which essential oils make up these beautiful, unique smelling blends as well as their beneficial properties?


Our Cleanse Essential Oil Spray is an uplifting and rejuvenating room spray that combines:

  1. Eucalyptus Lemon Ironbark (Eucalyptus staigeriana):

    • Lemon-infused Eucalyptus offers a sweet and refreshing scent with inherent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Ideal for cleaning, sanitising, and infusing a revitalising aroma.
  2. Niaouli (Melaleuca quinquenervia CT Nerolina):

    • Known for its calming and stimulating fragrance, Niaouli has historical roots in Indigenous Australian remedies for relieving head colds. With a minty, fresh lemon aroma, it serves as an excellent disinfectant for surfaces.
  3. Eucalyptus Australiana (Eucalyptus radiata):

    • Hailing from the Snowy Mountains region, this Eucalyptus variation boasts a fresher and fruitier fragrance. Traditionally used to alleviate colds and soothe cuts, its energising, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory qualities make it an essential addition to the blend.
  4. Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora):

    • An uplifting native essential oil celebrated for its sweet citrus notes and potent anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Beyond cleansing, it has been known to enhance concentration, promote relaxation, and deodorise spaces.
  5. Australian Balm Mint Bush (Prostanthera melissigolia):

    • This flowering plant contributes a rich and uplifting minty Eucalyptus scent, infused with traces of lime. With cleaning, energising, and invigorating qualities, it adds a refreshing twist to the blend.

How does it smell? A zesty uplifting spray with sweet (but not sickly sweet) citrus notes. It smells refreshing and perfect as a yoga mat spray and for leaving surfaces streak free and sparkling clean.


Cleanse Essential Oil Spray



Our Breathe Essential Oil Spray is a fresh, calming blend that clears the air and combines:

  1. Peppermint Gum (Eucalyptus dives):

    • An invigorating scent known for its fresh, pepperminty aroma that promotes airway clarity. This essential oil also boasts anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.
  2. Rosalina (Melaleuca ericifolia):

    • A harmonious blend of lavender and tea tree notes best sums up Rosalina. This calming hybrid scent not only imparts a tranquil atmosphere but also holds natural insect-repelling and antibacterial qualities.
  3. Kunzea (Kunzea ambigua):

    • A spicy and cinnamon-like aroma. Kunzea is a versatile essential oil is renowned for providing relief to tired muscles and joints, as well as soothing insect bites and inflamed skin.
  4. Australian Balm Bush Mint (Prostanthera melissigolia):

    • A rich and uplifting minty Eucalyptus fragrance. With subtle traces of lime, this flowering plant brings a cleansing, energising, and invigorating essence to your aromatherapy experience.


How does it smell? An invigorating scent with eucalyptus and minty notes. It is literally like a breath of fresh air and is perfect for refreshing your living space and for cleaning surfaces. Lightly mist on bed linen before heading into a soothing night of sleep. 


Breath Essential Oil Spray



Our Focus Essential Oil Spray is a calming and grounding room spray that combines:

  1. Honey Myrtle (Melaleuca teretifolia):

    • Delicate honey and lemon notes. This essential oil not only boasts a refreshing aroma but also holds natural antibacterial properties, offering uplifting qualities to clear your mind and elevate your mood.
  2. Fragonia (Agonis fragrans):

    • A small plant with a slightly woody aroma. It has natural decongestant properties for a breath of freshness.
  3. Australian White Cypress (Callitris glaucophylla):

    • Deep woody and pine notes known for its earthy and grounding qualities. Ideal for meditation, it aids in clearing the mind and dispelling negative energy.
  4. Rosalina (Melaleuca ericifolia):

    • A calming hybrid scent of lavender and tea tree oil. This essential oil brings a sense of tranquility and holds natural antiseptic and insect-repelling properties.
  5. Australian Sandalwood (Santalum Spicatum):

    • Beautiful sweet, woody aroma. Revered for thousands of years by indigenous Australians, this essential oil serves as a relaxant and promotes focus.

How does it smell? A unique calming and grounding scent with honey and woody tones. It's a beautiful blend that instantly uplifts and will take you on a journey of the senses as you flow, focus and revitalise in your ZONE.


Focus Essential Oils Spray


The Benefits for Using Essential Oil Sprays 

Essential oil sprays are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. Essential oil sprays are commonly used to increase physical and emotional wellbeing and can be used as natural replacements for everyday cleaning products, or as a natural fragrance to substitute candles or synthetic sprays.

Mental clarity and mood boosting

Essential oil spray bottles are useful to have on hand throughout the day in case you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up that doesn’t involve a sugar rush or a caffeine hit. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, tired or just lacking the drive to complete a task; the right essential oil spray can help to overcome these feelings and provide a much needed mental boost. Try using our Focus Essential Oil Spray. Its beneficial ingredients include Honey Myrtle, which has natural uplifting qualities that promote mental clarity, and Australian Sandalwood, which has been used for thousands of years to promote relaxation and focus.


Essential Oils Australia


Room and fabric freshener

Switching to a natural room spray using essential oils will ensure you’re not inhaling the harmful chemicals found in synthetic fragrances. They’re very effective in removing unwanted odours from the air, fabric or furniture.

In contrast, artificial air fresheners and paraffin candles often harbour a blend of harmful chemicals, such as phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When released, these substances contribute to indoor air pollution, potentially leading to respiratory issues, allergies, and long-term health concerns. Additionally, the burning of paraffin candles produces soot, possibly containing carcinogens. While natural candles like beeswax, soy, or coconut offer a healthier alternative, essential oils and sprays stand out as a breath of fresh air, providing a safe and pleasant way to enhance your surroundings.

Australian Essential Oils


Improve sleep habits

If you have trouble falling asleep at night or your thoughts start racing as soon as your head hits the pillow, try using an essential oil room spray as a linen spray before you go to sleep. Each of our ZONE Essential Oil sprays contain Australian essential oils and aroma suitable for promoting relaxation. 

Lightly mist throughout your bedroom, mist on pillow and take a few deep breaths. Natural essential oils are smell amazing and are safe to use on bedding to help induce the calmness needed to fall into a deep and restful sleep.

Insect repellent

The chemicals found in insect repellents are a major health concern and research is revealing they could be doing more harm than good. Powerful sprays and repellents are mostly unnecessary at home for those who live in developed areas. Using an essential oil spray with natural insect repellents is effective and safe for the entire family. Essential oils including Citronella, Peppermint, Rosalina and Eucalyptus are especially effective in repelling mosquitos and other insects. Try swapping out your current bug spray for our Breathe essential oil spray. 

Natural Surface Cleaners


Natural Surface Cleaner & Yoga Mat Cleaner

Essential oils can inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria throughout the home and are a great replacement for the chemical ingredients found in generic cleaning products. This makes them the perfect yoga mat cleaner! Just spray down your mat before and after practice to remove bacteria and leave your mat smelling deliciously fresh!

Essential oil sprays can also used as a natural multi-purpose cleaner. We recommend using a blend infused with Eucalyptus Lemon Ironbark, like our Cleanse essential oil spray. It’s known for its antiseptic properties and refreshing scent, making it great for cleaning, sanitising and leaving surfaces sparkling fresh.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

Essential Oil Spray FAQs

How do you make room spray with essential oils?

A DIY essential oil room spray can be made in a few simple steps. Decide on the blend of essential oils that will be most beneficial and add to a spray bottle with distilled water and vegetable derived Glycerin.

If you decide to make your own essential oil spray, we encourage you to do your research before purchasing ingredients, as not all brands contain 100% pure essential oils. We also recommend following a recipe to ensure you add the correct amount of each essential oil to your blend.

Be sure to shake the bottle gently before each use to combine the goodness of each individual oil.

How long do essential oil sprays last?

An essential oil sprays arrive in a 250ml glass spray bottle and will stay fresh for months when stored in a cool, dry place that’s out of direct sunlight. You can confidently enjoy the benefits of essential oil sprays without pesky preservatives.

How do I make my house smell good with essential oils?

An essential oil room spray is one of the most effective ways to deodorise your home, keeping it fresh and naturally fragrant.

You can spray directly into the air or on fabrics and furniture including couches and mattresses.

What are the best essential oil spray scents?

There really is no one scent that is superior to another. All 100% Pure Australian Essential Oils have their own unique benefits for wellbeing. Certain scents like Rosalina and Lemon Myrtle are effective in promoting relaxation and improving sleep. While Eucalyptus and Niaouli are great for disinfectant and cleaning purposes and Peppermint Gum and Sandalwood support mental clarity and focus. Deciding on the best scent for your home comes down to personal preference and needs.

What are the best essential oil combinations?

Essential oils have varying properties that are beneficial for personal wellbeing and use around the home. We’ve carefully curated a range of essential oil sprays from 100% Pure Australian Essential Oils and no nasty chemicals. The best or most appropriate scent will be determined by how you intend to use the spray. We encourage you to learn more about the properties of each essential oil, or enjoy the benefits of our Focus, Breathe and Cleanse essential oil sprays.


Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray


More than simply an aromatherapy experience, essential oil sprays are incredibly beneficial for use in the home and for boosting overall wellbeing. They act as a gentle alternative to commercial cleaning products and are better for the environment. Explore our range of Australian essential oil sprays, to clean your cork yoga mat, surfaces and invigorate your space.



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