Why Choose a ZONE Yoga Mat

Why Choose a ZONE Yoga Mat

  • By Hunter DeRusha
  • Mar 14

When our founder Lydia Lassila created ZONE By Lydia, she had something very special and very unique in mind for her business. To share what it means for her to be In The ZONE and to create sustainable ways to support others on their journey.

The first product she launched was our ZONE Cork Yoga Mat, which has a very special design and story that we want to share.

Cork yoga mat

What to Expect with your ZONE Yoga Mat

If you're new to yoga, it can be difficult knowing what to look for when buying a yoga mat. ZONE Yoga mats have been created to not only serve you, but also leave minimal impact on the planet. 

When you step onto your ZONE Yoga mat you’ll notice that it feels comfortable and grounding. This is a result of the natural materials that are used to create a soft and supportive surface that is thicker that your average Yoga mat.

One side is naturally antibacterial cork that has the most sustainable harvesting method of any other yoga mat material and it contains a special substance called suberin which gets grippier as you practice, so you will feel stable as you move. Our natural rubber side of the mat provides cushion and an alternative for the times when you want even more grip! Lydia put careful consideration into both these materials and wanted people to have options within their practice, to be able to choose their preferred side depending on their activity, environment or design preference! Click to learn more about why we choose cork and what makes cork antibacterial.

 Cork yoga mat

Creative Alignment Lines

A very special feature of our ZONE Yoga mat is the yoga alignment lines that help you perfect your practice. Not only is the design beautiful and alluring, but it is also functional for every yoga pose. Whether you are learning warrior one, setting up for headstand or even doing Pilates or practicing your surf pop up, these lines will help guide you into perfect alignment.

The Most Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

A ZONE Yoga mat is the perfect choice for an eco-conscious yogi because not only is the design and production of the mat sustainable but we also make sure that all of our packaging is to the highest eco friendly standard. We don't use any plastic when we pack, wrap or send our ZONE products. 

ZONE is also Climate Neutral Certified, which means that we offset our business emissions to help reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth. 

With the help of Climate Neutral and 1% For The Planet, we have calculated the emissions from making and shipping our products to your doorstep. We have then offset all 620 tonnes of carbon by investing in nature-based climate change solutions, including reforestation and soil regeneration projects as we believe this is where we can have our greatest impact. 

To further reduce our emissions, we are also committed to maintaining a remote office working environment and shifting as much of our manufacturing to Australia as possible. We will continue to research and use sustainable materials, packaging and investigate recycling options for our products. 

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Eco Friendly Yoga Accessories 

Not only did we create and epic and sustainable Yoga mat with attention and care in every detail but we also extended that same care to develop ZONE Yoga accessories to make your life easier. Our handy Jute Yoga Strap works to carry your mat and it doubles as a strap to use in practice for opening the shoulders or creating extra length in poses and binds. Our Yoga Totes are legendary amongst yogis, because they have been created to fit EVERYTHING that you need, so you only have to carry one bag. That's right, our Yoga Totes will fit your mat, blocks, keys, water bottle, towel and anything else you can't live without. Lydia really wanted to focus on what yogi's need when they are going to and from the studio and created something to fit everyones schedule and lifestyle. 


Other Reasons to LOVE your ZONE Yoga Mat

If you're still on the fence about choosing a ZONE Yoga Mat here are some other things that make these beauties so special:

  • Room To Flow - Our ZONE Cork Yoga Mats Dimensions, longer than a normal yoga mat. 183 X 68mm 
  • Eco Friendly Manufacturing - There are also no harsh chemicals used to seal the cork and rubber layers of the mat, we've considered every tiny detail! 
  • Aussie owned - ZONE was created in Lorne, Victoria and everything in our range draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Australian landscape and connection to nature. When you shop with ZONE, you are supporting a small Aussie business that is trying to do good in the world! 


 cork yoga mat benefits

 Shop our ZONE Cork Yoga Mat here.  


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