Lower Leg Self Massage Using Massage Balls - With Elise Carver | ZONE

Lower Leg Self Massage Using Massage Balls - With Elise Carver

  • By Jade Hunter
  • Jan 15

Elise Carver shares with us this 7 minute trigger point self massage release video for feet, calves and lower legs.

Elise uses our massage balls that are made from 100% sustainable cork. They are firm and durable allowing you to self-massage, enhance wellness and prevent injury by releasing tension in tight muscles, fascia and hard to reach places.

These exercises are perfect for increasing mobility before exercise and recovery post exercise and they are travel friendly, so you can use them and do trigger point therapy anywhere!

For more great workout and mobility videos, discover Elise's Surf Style Training - a fitness program based around the key attributes of a healthy surfers lifestyle.


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Cork Massage Ball


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