Practising yoga with sustainable materials is a journey towards not only caring for our own bodies, but also our precious Earth.

Transform your Yoga or Wellness Retreat

At ZONE, our mission is to create a healthier, more sustainable world through the power of collaboration.  

Imagine your retreat or wellness event transformed with beautiful, eco-conscious yoga products that enhance your guests' experience and reflect your deep commitment to the planet.

By partnering with ZONE, you will gain access to our curated range of products at wholesale prices.

What We Offer

Wholesale Pricing On Sustainable Yoga Mats & Products

Our carefully selected ZONE product line enhances the benefits of yoga practice and ensures your retreat participants are well-equipped during your event. By partnering with ZONE, you gain access to our entire range of products at wholesale prices, including:
- Sustainable Yoga Mats and Blocks
- Hemp Yoga Clothing
- Cork Massage Balls
- Jute Yoga Straps
- Australian Essential Oils & Sprays

Organic, Customisable Hemp Tees

Our customisable hemp tees, made from organic, sustainable hemp, are soft, stylish and reflect a commitment to environmental responsibility.

They are available in men's and women's sizes and are the ideal attire for your yoga or wellness retreat.

Our hemp t-shirt collection can be branded with your retreat logo, to be worn by retreat staff, guides and teachers. They are also the perfect keepsake for attendees to take home with them.

Wellness Gift Bags

Our Wellness Gift Bags, carefully curated with self-care tools, invite recipients to practice self-love and enhance well-being and mindfulness, and are a wonderful addition to your yoga or wellness retreat.

Each bag is thoughtfully assembled with items such as Australian essential oils for focus and relaxation, cork yoga massage balls (ideal for soothing tight muscles after yoga practice) and other beautiful, self-care tools.

Why Partner With Us?

Premium & Sustainable

Practising yoga with sustainable materials is a beautiful journey towards nurturing not only our own bodies but also our precious Earth. Our carefully selected ZONE product line ensures your yoga retreat participants are well-equipped and encourages lasting positive habits.

We give back

We are committed to our planet's health, contributing 1% of our annual sales to environmental nonprofits working towards positive change.

Zero Waste

ZONE products, made from natural materials like cork and hemp, are plastic and chemical-free, and that includes our minimalist, waste-free packaging.

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