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The Healing Power of Fragonia Essential Oil

  • By Emma Freeman
  • Mar 10

At ZONE, our journey to source from nature is guided by a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Our yoga mats and restorative yoga props are derived from cork sourced in Portugal, whilst our hemp clothing is made from sustainable hemp. Our essential oils and sprays are made from 100% pure Australian essential oils and in this blog we shine the spotlight on an essential oil native to Western Australia called Fragonia -  a unique component of our Focus essential oil and essential oil spray, which we obtain exclusively from our partners at Paperbark Oil.

Fragonia is celebrated for its antibacterial and calming properties, offering a lightly floral and spicy scent with a hint of citrus. It's known for providing emotional balance and an uplifting experience, making it a sought-after choice for stress relief.


Focus Essential Oils Spray


Australian Made Essential Oil

Fragonia is a plant extract derived from the leaves and twigs of Agonis Fragrans. Cultivated and distilled by Paperbark Oil on their farm located in the wetlands of Western Australia, this beautiful, small-leafed shrub is native to Australia. It has aromatic foliage and delicate white flowers that bloom from February to May, and it thrives primarily in the lush and damp regions of south-west Australia.

Fragonia plant


A Recent Discovery

The journey of Fragonia began with John and Peta Day of Paperbark Oils. Nestled in the wetlands near Harvey, Western Australia, their property is teeming with Melaleuca trees, known for their distinctive white papery bark. Initially focused on Tea Tree production, a fluctuating market led them to explore other native plants, resulting in their discovery of Fragonia.

John and Peta planted Agonis seedlings to explore its potential as a therapeutic oil. Their intuitive selection process, based on scent and feel, led them to a remarkable discovery. Recognising the rarity of their findings, they trademarked the oil as Fragonia™, ensuring its unique chemical makeup and offering assurance to consumers.

Today, Fragonia's cultivation and distillation remain exclusive to The Paperbark Co. The oil, harvested from the Agonis Fragrans shrub, epitomises the fragrant essence of the plant, as its namesake suggests.


Scientific Recognition

In 2005, a seminal seminar by Dr. Daniel Pénoël, a renowned French aromatherapist, recognised Fragonia's healing properties. Dr. Pénoël's work showed Fragonia as a balancer, offering emotional equilibrium, calming the mind, and easing stress. He praised its analgesic properties and effectiveness against various infections and respiratory conditions. Fragonia's unique 1:1:1 ratio of monoterpenes, oxides, and monoterpenols, a rare find in essential oils, was termed Fragonia's Triangle by Dr. Pénoël, symbolising balance and harmony.


Fragonia: More Than Aromatherapy

Fragonia, unlike many Australian essential oils, boasts a heavenly scent, making it ideal for use in diffusers, oil burners or as an essential oil spray. Its gentle nature is safe for children's skin, even in its undiluted form, making it a versatile and effective option for a variety of conditions.

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The Healing Benefits of Fragonia Oil

Combatting Microbial Infections (bacterial, fungal and viral)

Fragonia has shown similar antimicrobial activity to Tea Tree oil, with the added benefit of a more desirable fragrance. This is backed by studies using Fragonia as an effective first-line defence against common cold symptoms.


As a Steam Inhalant

While gentler than Eucalyptus, Fragonia is effective in steam inhalation treatments for respiratory infections, breaking up mucus and soothing irritation.

Australian Essential Oils

Anti-inflammatory Effects

Research and clinical trials have highlighted Fragonia's anti-inflammatory properties. It has also shown promise in reducing symptoms related to tissue injury or infection.


Regulating Menstrual Cycles

Fragonia has been found to assist in balancing hormonal imbalances, offering relief from menstrual discomforts such as pain, depression, anxiety, breast tenderness, and bloating.


Pain Relief

For minor pains, including joint and muscle discomfort, Fragonia is a gentle yet effective choice. Bodywork practitioners find that blending Fragonia with a carrier oil helps alleviate muscle soreness and joint tension while also providing emotional grounding and clarity.

Australian Essential Oils


Boosting the Immune System

Dr. Pénoël recommends Fragonia for daily application to lymphatic nodes to strengthen the immune system. Its gentle action makes it suitable for regular use, distinguishing it from other potent immune-enhancing essential oils.


Easing Jet Lag and Regulating Body Clock

Fragonia has been reported to significantly reduce jet lag symptoms and assist shift workers in regulating their body clocks, reducing their dependence on substances like alcohol and caffeine.


Emotional Balance and Behavioral Support

Studies show Fragonia's efficacy in fostering emotional balance and peacefulness, with users often reporting profound emotional releases and healing experiences.


The Tao - Balancing Yin and Yang

According to Dr. Penoel, Fragonia represents the yin, or female aspect, of the Tao, complementing the yang, or male aspect, represented by Kunzea oil. Their combined use can achieve a balanced state of wellbeing, addressing both physical and emotional needs.


Fragonia's Unique Chemical Composition

Fragonia's harmonising power stems from its unique molecular balance. It contains equal parts of the oxide 1,8 cineole, hydrocarbons (pinene), and alcohols (linalool, geraniol, terpinen-4-ol), reflecting the 'golden proportion' in its chemistry. This balance contributes to Fragonia's versatility and synergy with Kunzea oil, making them a potent combination in aromatherapy.


Meditation and Yoga Practice

With its calming floral and citrus-infused aroma, Fragonia sets the stage for calm and focused mindfulness, aiding in centring the mind and reducing stress. The oil's uplifting energy enhances engagement in yoga movements, while its breath-facilitating properties promote deep yoga breathing.

Additionally, Fragonia can be used to set intentions before practice, fostering positivity and enhancing relaxation during Savasana. Post-practice, a final spritz of Fragonia oil helps ground the mind, ensuring a smooth transition back to daily life.

Australian Essential Oils


Fragonia's Rising Popularity in Skincare and Cosmetics

The appeal of Fragonia essential oil extends beyond its therapeutic uses. In the clean beauty space, its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities make it an effective ingredient. Its gentle nature makes it suitable for sensitive skin types, helping to soothe skin irritations and reduce redness. Clean cosmetic companies are increasingly incorporating Fragonia into their products, from facial creams to body lotions.


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Sourcing

The sustainability of Fragonia production is a point of pride for Paperbark Oil. The company employs sustainable farming practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact. This approach not only preserves the natural habitat of the Agonis Fragrans but also ensures the long-term availability of Fragonia oil for future generations.

Fragonia Plant


Expanding Global Reach

Fragonia's growing recognition has led to its expansion into international markets. Wellness and aromatherapy therapist worldwide are now seeking out Fragonia for its unique properties and benefits.

Research and Development

Ongoing research into Fragonia's potential is opening new doors. Scientists and aromatherapists are exploring its applications in more complex medical conditions, delving into its molecular structure to understand how it interacts with different systems in the body. This research is not only enhancing our understanding of Fragonia's capabilities but also contributing to the broader field of essential oil therapy.

Community Engagement and Education

Paperbark Oil's efforts extend beyond farming and distribution. They actively engage with the community, hosting educational sessions and workshops. These initiatives aim to raise awareness about the benefits of Fragonia and other native Australian plants, fostering a deeper appreciation for natural remedies.


Looking Ahead

As Fragonia continues to gain recognition, its potential seems boundless. Whether in aromatherapy, skincare or emerging medical applications, Fragonia essential oil is set to remain a significant and beneficial element in natural health and wellness. Its journey from a little-known Australian shrub to an internationally acclaimed essential oil symbolises the untapped potential of nature’s gifts and the importance of sustainable, ethical sourcing when accepting gifts from nature.


To discover the power and unique scent of Fragonia for yourself, try the ZONE Focus essential oil and spray and explore our range of native essential oils and room sprays.

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