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In the ZONE

Hello and welcome to our blog In the ZONE!

We exist to help you #LiveBetter through eco-conscious products for yoga, your lifestyle and your mental and physical health. We care about people and planet and we want to make sure that every product we create not only benefits you, but is made using sustainable materials and ethical practices.

  • Surfing with ZONE | ZONE

    Surfing with ZONE

    November 02 2021 – Hunter DeRusha

    Surf coach Tiffany Boddey from Women's Soulful Surf shares her favourite surf warm ups and how to practice the pop up!    THE SURF ZONE  To Tiffany, being In The ZONE means losing track of time. She says "the zone occurs when you’re immersed in the present moment and absorbed by your senses. I feel this when I'm connected to the...

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